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We were very disappointed to find part of a tray of autumn sown sweet peas torn apart in a school greenhouse recently. It looks as if someone left the door ajar and a fox got in to chew up pots, compost and seedlings. (above) Enough have been salvaged ready to pot on and hopefully have in crop for the Chelsea Flower Show next May. Carrot seeds in twenty different cultivars will be sent out shortly again to be grown for the show. Watch this space for tips on how to sow and grow them. A number of schools are not opening up there school gardening clubs until after half term in February. Even so do try to get any greenhouses, poly tunnels and cold frames tidied, cleaned and prepared for the new season. Green growth on glass and polythene should be washed off with warm water containing a little washing up liquid. It needs to be clean to let in all the light possible for February/March planting. . Over wintering crops also need regular checks, autumn planted onions and shallots for example need seedling weeds removed (below). If any scholar has relatives keeping canaries they may welcome some clean chickweed to feed them.

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