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The Manchester Flower Show seeks a wide range of entries

The prestigious Manchester Flower Show returns to the city this June and festival organisers are calling out for entries from the regionís professional and amateur gardeners, florists, landscapers, architects, charities and schools. Organised by Manchesterís Business Impr...Read More

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Mr Fothergill's Trial Ground Awarded Fleuroselect Status

Mr Fothergill's Seeds, the Newmarket-based seed experts, are delighted to announce their selection as a trial site for Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry. The company will now undertake trials of newly bred, yet to be launched,...Read More

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Gardening for Everyone at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2020

Gardening for everyone will be a key theme at the Royal Horticultural Societyís (RHS) Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival 2020 supported by Viking this summer, 6 Ė 12 July, as the festival celebrates its 30th anniversary. A garden line-up set to highlight green spac...Read More

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How to pH Test Soil

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Learn about How to Chit Potatoes
How to: Maintenance Pruning

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How to Chit Potatoes

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