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Lilium 'Young Ones Pink'

The cold stored lily bulbs sent out last month to schools are living up to their reputation and rocketing into new growth. Young people should be encouraged to measure the height of shoots, especially on Fridays and again on Mondays to see just how much they can grow over the weekend. Be sure to keep these potted bulbs in full sunlight and as close to the glass of windows as possible. It will also be advisable for scholars to take pots home over the Easter Holiday to ensure the compost does not dry out and check growth. Please let us know how your plants are growing, who is going to be the first school with plants 30 cms tall? The tallest we have seen so far are these three pots growing close to a west facing window in a demountable classroom in Essex. Our thanks to Thompson & Morgan for donating these lily bulbs, some of which we hope will be in flower for Chelsea Flower Show in May.

Holtspur School, Beaconsfield, Bucks leads the field to date with the tallest shoot on our Lilium 'Young Ones Pink'. Currently these bulbs, where grown in a warm light position, are putting on just over a centimetre a day.

These pictures from Charlton Manor School show their lilies are also growing very well. The tallest one at the moment is 30cm tall.

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