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How to grow cucumbers

Home-grown cucumbers taste delicious and are easy to grow from seed, especially the short, lunch-box sized varieties. Most prefer a warm, humid environment to grow well, but there are some good outdoor varieties so you can select one to suit your garden.

You will need:

Cucumber seed, Compost, Pot

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Difficulty: 2 / 5

Sow one seed in a small amount of moist seed compost in the base of a pot.

Step 1 of How to grow cucumbers

As they grow, cucumbers produce extra roots from the base of the stem.

Step 2 of How to grow cucumbers

By gradually adding more compost to the pot as the plant grows, you can encourage it to form a bigger and more stable root system.

Step 3 of How to grow cucumbers

This will give the plant a good start and eliminates the growth checks caused by early repotting.

Step 4 of How to grow cucumbers

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