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Making a Bird Feeder

In the winter months the birds in your garden can find it difficult to find enough food. You can help them by putting out a bird feeder and if you make it yourself it won't even cost you anything.

You will need:

Plastic bottle, Scissors, Marker Pen, Thin Cane, Wire, Gravel, Bird Seed

Best time to do it:


Difficulty: 2 / 5

Take a standard 2L drink bottle and mark out and cut circular holes about a third of the way up from the base. Make sure there are no sharp edges.

Just below the holes make two small holes and push a cane through the bottle to act as a perch.

Feed a wire through the screw cap so that you can hang the feeder in your garden.

To give the feeder some stability you can put gravel in the base. Finally, put food up to the level of the circular holes and hang in your garden.

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