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Caring for small plug plants

Many of the plants ordered by post arrive as small plug plants. This saves on postage costs and means the plants can be pushed through your door if you are out, rather than waiting for collection at the sorting office. The quicker you can unpack and deal with these delicate little plants, the better they will grow.

You will need:

Plug plants, pots, compost, seed tray, propagator lid

Best time to do it:


Difficulty: 2 / 5

Unpack your plug plants as soon as you can. Even if you canít plant them straight away, water them and leave them in a well-lit position (out of direct sun).

As soon as you can, transfer them into small pots of fresh, sterile compost to continue growing.

After potting, water to settle the compost around the roots. The earlier in the season the plants arrive, the more warmth they will need.

Covering with a propagator lid for a few days while they settle down is helpful, but not essential. Within a week, the plants should be rooting into the new compost and getting bigger.

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