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Welcome back to a new school year and a good time to start a new school gardening club year. If you have returned to find god crops in your plots we would love to see pictures of them. Summer rains have been helpful to keep fruits and vegetables growing through the summer holidays. Onions, carrots and beetroot have done well on some of the school plots visited last month. Tomatoes in most arrears look to have avoided blight disease, although if we do get warm temperatures along with autumn over-night dews it could come in with a vengeance. Watch out for brown turning black patches on leaves and stems. If this happens the best thing is to cut off trusses of fruit, arrange in trays indoors in the warm where they will ripen. (Above: new tomato of which we hope to have some seeds for schools to try next year. 2016 has been designated The Year of the Tomato.) Anyone with a patch of autumn fruiting raspberries should be in for a bumper crop over the next few weeks if we get some weeks of warm dry weather. Bare patches of soil and containers with compost can be sown now with salad leaf mixtures. They will be up and ready to harvest in six weeks. We have twenty five £20 Thompson & Morgan Gift Vouchers to get School Garden Clubs started, they will go to the first 25 schools to register on-line. Click Here to register

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