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Scroll back on our schools pages to 7th March 2015 and you can see a picture of Galleywood school children potting on plants of Brompton stocks from 9cm pots into 2 litre size. (If you look on the bottom of these black pots you can usually see the size imprinted there). Now 8 weeks later the centre spike is coming into flower and filling the greenhouse with fragrance. These plants were grown from Thompson & Morgan seeds that came free with a copy of Amateur Gardening. They are proving excellent value and could well go outside now or taken in their pots into the school building. If the short stemmed central flower is cut, to take indoors and placed in water, the plants energy will be directed into the side shoots to make them all bigger and better. Pot sown carrots and turnips are now growing very fast, the carrots respond well to a foliage feed with very dilute Miracle-Gro plant food. Do not over do it or the foliage will get very soft and floppy. A pot of onion sets has leaves falling over and cracking off because they have grown so quick and lush. I am hopeful a few spit canes and circular tie will help to support them.

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