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We were beginning to panic about the stages of development on the Gerbera and Lilies sent out to schools to grow for Chelsea Flower Show next month. This week there is new hope with the first developing flower buds showing on both.

Lengthening days and warmer temperatures will speed growth, but it is important to keep both of these plants in a warm light position. The gerbera (photo below) will grow very quickly and as each one of the flowers last well and more buds will quickly follow there should be flowering plants for 23rd May 2016.

The most advanced lilies reported to date are at Charlton Manor School, now 70cm high and the first flower buds showing in the growing tips. Nick Shelley from Charlton Manor has reported that the children have topped up the soil and they have also caught two lily beetles even in the green house. One to watch out for!

They are going to be touch and go, so if any school has more advanced plants we will be reassured to hear about them.

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