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Robomart: A self driving vegetable store

Santa Clara, California-based startup Robomart is a self-driving store that brings the groceries, produce, baked goods and prepared foods of the supermarket to consumers' doorsteps. Consumers will simply tap a button to request the closest Robomart.

While autonomous cars will make it easier to get to the local market or convenience store, at CES 2018, Robomart has unveiled its eponymous driverless, electric, mobile market that not only delivers groceries on demand, but allows customers to select their own fresh produce, costing only a fraction of conventional delivery services to run.


Many brick and mortar grocery stores have introduced delivery services as a way to compete with online delivery sites, but one of the big turnoff's is the ability to actually see and select the fresh produce or cuts of meat the customer wants. And though perishables make up nearly 60 percent of grocery store sales, they only make up about 5.0 percent of delivery sales.

Then there is the added expense of paying for employees to "shop" a customer's order and pack it. Often, a separate delivery service is used, with another cost. According to Robomart, the whole idea behind the autonomous grocery store department on wheels is to get those sales of perishable items, from bakery goods to meats and fresh produce.


To use Robomart, a customer will order it using a Smartphone app, much like a ride-sharing service. Once it arrives, the shopper unlocks the door, makes a selection and then closes the door. Robomart has a "grab and go" checkout-free technology that adds up the bill and sends a receipt.

Robomart has already built its first prototype and is seeking an Autonomous Vehicle Testing Permit from California's Department of Motor Vehicles. I believe were creating a new category, Ahmed says. We think were competing with the sidewalk robots," and this is an issue Robomart will have to take into consideration, especially in California and other states who have placed restrictions on sidewalk robot delivery systems.


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